La Porta Cafè, un’esperienza autentica.


Near La Porta Restaurant a location disigned by a master carpenter, treated in detail. One inside a La Porta Restaurant it seems to be in a fairy tale. It is ideal for lunches and personalized events. The good distance and distribution of the tables guarantee excellent confidentially.

Lo Staff

We are proud to be part of a Group whose vision is respect for all its employees. For this reason our Staff has as its vision the orientation to the customer as it believes that every singke item must be taken care in detail and in the smallest details.

Our whole team is bound by a great passion for quality catering. Each of them knows that only in a group wins. From the very beginning all our staff is trained in a collaborative problem solving orentation. Each of them loves to continually improve and improve on their work, without sparing themselves and with the self-sacrifice that characterizes our entire Group.

We want to listen and always value our people, supporting their growth and development throught choices based on merit
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